31 March 2019


Micronaut was built by many of same people behind Grails. It uses compile-time annotation processing to build an application with a deadly fast startup time, has support for reactive streams, netty, and a reactive http client, among other things.

It’s open-source (Apache 2) and supports applications written in Java, Groovy, or Kotlin.

Due to it’s non-reflective nature, it naturally enables applications to run on the GraalVM, which is described:

`"GraalVM is a new universal virtual machine from Oracle that supports a
polyglot runtime environment and the ability to compile Java
applications down to native machine code."` –https://micronaut.io/

GraalVM compiles applications to native code allowing for incredibly fast application start-up speeds even for large applications, which makes it best suited for “serverless” applications, like AWS Lambdas or the like.

Even running on a vanilla JVM, Micronaut has very low overhead (in both memory and processor time) and has profiles for targeting different platforms: server, function (like AWS Lambda), or command-line applications.

It came out not too long ago and I’ve only made a few applications with it but so far it looks really great!

I’ve added an example of using micronaut with groocss and the asset-pipeline. Check it out.