30 September 2019

As I’ve mentioned I’ve been working on courses on Leanpub. I’m happy to announce that the first one is complete!

It has changed a lot since my initial thought process. Among other things, it has a new subtitle, "Go from beginner to expert Groovy Programmer with Groovy 3.0 and Gradle 5". I decided that it needed more specifics than "just Groovy" and Gradle is a popular build tool and a good reason to start learning Groovy. Check it out: "Groovy 3 Course".

In case you’re curious, this course contains tons of new material and is not simply a copy of Learning Groovy 3 - far from it. It could be seen as a companion but covers more of some topics and less of others.

I’ve also decided to launch it with a very low introduction price. I want the barrier to entry to be very low. Please share it someone you think might benefit from it if not yourself. As always, all feedback is welcome (adamd @ this website). Let me know what you’d like to see more about or less about.

Due to other projects I’m working on, I’m going to postpone for now working on "Advanced Groovy" (I hope to cover not just advanced Groovy but also some other projects in greater detail). I have a lot going on (including yet another second edition book) but I hope to get to it eventually.